going to bed

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i can tell you this: idk my activity tomorrow. i have rehearsals literally from six period, till 7 pm (two different rehearsals, but yeah)

but i’ll try my best to be online~

night guys <3

    “Sir, sir-
    I’m sorry to bother you, 
    but I’m lost. Do you know 
    what this area is called?”

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I want to put him in my pocket and take him home

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plus… the food looks really good. }

 { oh please, she actually laughs at that one. it was time like this where she could see that some of her sense of humor had been given to her too. }

      “It still creates a soft spot.”

   { she’s smiling brightly at her. }


"I thought you might say that."

           { more like she knew it. neither of them would ever not
                want to be around the other. }

        { most of the time, her humor was pretty much worth 
    a participant ribbon. but, for once, she actually made a 
      somewhat decent joke }

"Well, if I’m the best daughter in the world, you’re the best mother in the world."

        { her tone was honest and genuine }

   ”Of course you did.”

       { well, it was already nighttime. either way,
   she just couldn’t say no. by the time she got home, it would probably be
      late. }

—— “Oh! I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to bump into you.”



Sebastian Stan dancing [x]

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—— “Hi, I’m sorry for bothering you, but I’m a bit lost. What is this area?”