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     "I thought I texted you that I was coming over? Well I was going to knock your door down, but I decided not to."

     ”Call. Not text. Most likely, I am busy studying or looking for a job that I can actually dedicate myself to. More than likely, your texts will go unnoticed for at least three hours.”

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depends if you want to go through the hassle of tearing it down.

no, i don’t mind it’s just

the photo wall has been up there since november i believe? and honestly it’s coming down. the thing is, i want a specific design for my polaroid wall, but i don’t have the normal polaroids where they’re more square-ish, i have the longer, smaller, rectangular ones

contemplating on taking down my photo wall

and replacing it with an actual polaroid wall



"Favorites——I don’t have favorites. That would be unfair and completely inaccurate. I just accidentally slip you a little more love than everyone else," he grinned a moment. "Sorry, kid—been a bit busy lately."

"Isn’t that a form of favoritism?"

"Well, I’m glad you could visit. I’ve missed you. 
Then again, I’m a little guilty, I barely stop by the 
Tower as it is. But, either way, I’m giving you a hug.”

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{ the wind, like a slow, rising—moving—wave, brushed across her
                       Almost physically touching her heart…
                                       … As if it was— }

           I know y o u
            I walked with you once upon a d r e a m
              I k n o w you 
g l e a m in your eyes is so familiar a gleam

         Yet I know it’s true that v i s i o n s are seldom all they seem
           But if I know you, I know what you’ll do
l o v e me at once
               The way you did
o n c e upon a dream


{ without hesitation,
     she fled her aunts’ home
       Those words…Those familiar words… }

              [ people shouting… People outraged… … What’s happening? ]


                                { complete chaos, that’s what’s happening }

    { people are yelling.
        people are reuniting.
           people are getting violent. }

  [ oh my gosh, it’s not just me ]

     { among the chaos, anya (well, rapunzel) maneuvers her way
    through the crowd, only to bump into someone }

 ”Oh, sorry-“ 

      “I’m just- It’s just-” She was at a lost for words, but decided to talk to the blonde. “What’s- What’s going on? Why are we all here?” The brunette was spitting out everything. 

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  —— “Why don’t you visit me often? I thought I was your favorite in the tower,” she joked. 

    —— “It’s rude to show up uninvited, but 
thanks for knocking the door, anyways.”

During highschool, Anya was on the more antisocial side. In an effort to get her out of her shell, Steve told her “Join a club or something. Go and make friends.” So, thinking she was capable of it, she joined the cheerleading team. She never enjoyed her time on it, but it gave her something to do during high school.



"Anya?" Bruce smiled a little, pleasantly surprised.

"Honestly, I didn’t think I’d be seeing you for a while."

"I wanted to surprise everyone." She looked up,
smiling a little. “It’s good to be back— And, it’s 
good to not worry about school for once. Anyways, 
how are you?”

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